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Do you want students to submit files to you without them using email?  Try  Students won't be able to see other student's documents, it's private just to you.  

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I came across this website when I was looking for more information on College Career and Readiness (CCR) Standards for my portfolio. This guy writes about each ELA standard and explains them in easy terms to understand. This site is Go to the "CCR Anchor Standards" tab to start. This will give you a better understanding of the ELA standards of the Common Core. Then just click around and see what he all has on there.
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"New Literacy Research Infuses Common Core:
In the 15 years since the National Reading Panel convened, the knowledge base on literacy has grown"
By Sarah D. Sparks
The truism that students "learn to read, then read to learn," has spawned a slew of early-reading interventions and laws. But the Common Core State Standards offer a very different view of literacy, in which fluency and comprehension skills evolve together throughout every grade and subject in a student's academic life, from the first time a toddler gums a board book to the moment a medical student reads data from a brain scan.

In doing so, the common-core literacy standards reflect the research world's changing evidence on expectations of student competence in an increasingly interconnected and digitized world. But critics say the standards also neglect emerging evidence on cognitive and reading strategies that could guide teachers on how to help students develop those literacy skills.

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Ponder This:
"To err is human, to self correct is to learn".

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