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From Emily Koson, instructional coach:

I'm back!  I kind of left the scene in May due to having a baby!  I've enjoyed my summer tremendously.  But it's back to work as an instructional coach this year.  I will continue as a CIM Coach (Comprehensive Intervention Model), AIW Coach (Authentic Intellectual Work), and External Coach for Response to Intervention.  I love sharing what I learn and hope you can find something useful in these emails.  Please email me back if you have something worth sharing, too!
Go Here:
I highly recommend following this guy at .  I've shared many of his blog posts and will continue to do so.  He makes the Common Core easy to understand plus he adds humor.  Check it out and I promise that you won't be disappointed. 

Try This:
A data wall!  As a CIM coach, I had the opportunity to start a data wall in one of my buildings for grades K-3.  It's in our reading room on one full wall.  We have the four proficiency levels painted a different color for each sections.  We used magnetic paint to make the index cards of each student stay up.  Students' names are on the back of the card so that is not our focus when first looking at the wall.  It's amazing how it has helped our focus for the year.  We are adding 4th and 5th grade to the wall this year along with adding writing.

Our wall is NOT for students or parents to view.  That's why we have student names on the back of the cards and it's in our reading room.
Many questions were always asked:
How do we know what proficiency to put students? 
What data do we use?
Do we need more information?
When do you move student cards?
How do we decide who needs an intervention?
Now what?
Are we doing this right?

If your school doesn't have a data wall, I highly recommend to get one started.  Even if it's just one grade level.  Email me back if you'd like to see a picture of ours or more information on how we put it together and how we use it.

Ponder This:
As the new school year begins, I'm sure you'll be getting plenty of advise to start the school year.  I'll give my two cents and give you mine.  Be brave.  That's it.  I told my son this on his first day of TK, too.  Be brave all year long in everything you do.

Emily - Data walls are fantastic! However, as you mentioned, they are not very mobile and can take up an entire room. We, along with a group of teachers have created a mobile data wall called DataSpot. Give it a look and let us know what you think. We will even setup all the students, teachers, classrooms and import data throughout the year! Cheers, Carl DataSpot
Carl Prehn | | 07/10/2017 at 07:28 AM
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