Posted on 09/22/2014 at 10:20 AM by Blog Experts

Conferences Oh Conferences


While I was talking with some teachers about conferences coming up, they didn’t seem to be looking forward to them. I guess it’s something not to get excited about but it shouldn’t feel like a bad thing, should it?   I know there are some of those parents that can go over your time and just talk and talk and talk.  Then there are those that just don’t understand the extent of how their child is not make progress like they should, or they are the complainers.  You know those parents.

Then there are the parents that are super supportive and just listen to everything you say and will do anything to help their child.  I hope we have more of those parents. 

Take this opportunity to learn more about your students and their family life.  Ask the parents, “Tell me about your child”.  You might be surprised to learn something new!

What are your tips to make the most of conferences?  

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