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I have a goal of completing my check list for today, I have a goal listed on my intervention planner for my group, I have a goal to read more professional books,  I have a goal of what I want teachers to accomplish at the end of my class. I even have a weight loss goal (which is slow going).  We all have goals; personal and professional.  

My question to you is do you have your students make goals?  Long terms goals and short term goals?  I challenge you to try this is your classroom.  Pick a subject, model what a goal looks like, and write it down! Then talk about the steps to get to your goal.  There has to be some action to get to the goal.  You may even want to write those down, too.  

There is no point in writing goals down if you never come back to it.  Schedule when you’ll come back to that goal.  Will it be the end of the week?  End of the month? End of the quarter?  See how it’s going and change the actions if necessary.  Will you graph your goal? Write a reflection? Talk with someone about it?  

There’s endless opportunities on how you could make this work. What will your goal be?


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