Posted on 02/20/2017 at 09:33 AM by Blog Experts

I just read this blog post (which I highly recommend you reading, too) called A Gift I Give Myself by Julie Potvin Kirchner.  Professional learning is a gift we give ourselves.  Now, don't be thinking of your mandatory PD sessions at school.  Think about the conferences that are out there with great  authors and educators presenting on topics that you're interested in!  If you have never had the opportunity to travel to a conference (national, state, or regional) I highly encourage you to do so.  If it's a really good conference you'll come away feeling energized, wanting to share your new learning, wanting to try something new, feel validation.  Who wouldn't want to feel that?  

And if there's no way in the world to get to all the conferences you'd like to go to, get onto Twitter, Facebook, etc. and start following those fabulous educators out there.  

At the end of the blog, Julie says, "Attending conferences is a gift. It is a gift I give myself and I deserve it. We all do."  

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