Posted on 09/21/2017 at 02:32 PM by Blog Experts

In a blog post from Russ on Reading called: Questions as Invitations , Not as Inquisitions the author gets into they types of questions we ask our students to deepen their thinking.  Think about it....what types of questions do you ask?  Read the full blog post here.

Here's an excerpt:

In a world increasingly focused on the standardized test, it may seem counterintuitive to recommend these invitational questions as a way into reading comprehension. Doesn't the student need to be skilled at answering the inquisitional questions?

Well yes, but I would argue that the best way to help students develop their comprehension of a text is through first inviting them into the world of the text and then, through skillful follow-up questioning, helping them refine their understanding of the text. This is, after all, what all readers do when they read independently. In Rosenblatt's words it is that initial "lived through experience of the text" that provides the baseline for ongoing interpretation and understanding.

So as this school year begins, may I suggest that you redouble your efforts at refining your questioning techniques in such a way that will invite your students into the learning.

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