Posted on 02/20/2018 at 12:00 AM by Blog Experts

Russ on Reading blog posted a three part series on comprehension. When Readers Struggle: Reading Comprehension part 3.  I recommend reading all three posts which include other great links to even more information.

Some of the key ideas Russ hits on in the series:

  • Building background knowledge
  • Exposure to Large Volume and Wide Range of Texts
  • Combine Literacy instruction with Content Instruction
  • Think Alouds
  • Reciprocal Teaching
  • Frameworks for Discussion
  • Integrating Reading and Writing

These are short reads and hopefully will validate what you already know is good teaching.  Everything we read should have some sort of comprehension component to it.  Take a good look at they types of texts you're having students read, what types of questions you're asking, and what you're asking students to do with the text.  What's one little thing you can change or add to push your students' comprehension? 

Happy reading!

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