Posted on 01/20/2019 at 10:00 AM by Blog Experts

I drive a lot for work.  Since I have a 2006, my car is not set up for Bluetooth so I head to the local library to get my latest audio book on CD.  It makes the time go by so much quicker and I'll even sit in my car in the parking lot because I'm at such a good part in the story I just can't turn the car off yet.  Sometimes we have students listen to books rather than make them read it.  It's a common accommodation we have for students that are not quite at grade level reading.  When I came upon this article it grabbed my attention with the title Is Listening to a Books the Same Thing as Reading It?  by Daniel T. Willingham.   Initially I thought, yes, then, no.  So I read the article.  It's a quick read and great insight.  I encourage you to read it, too.  

If you have a choice to read or listen to a text, which one are you going to pick?  

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