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When you walk into a classroom where all students understand what is happening (including English Learners) you are probably going to encounter strategies that fall under the umbrella of what is called sheltered instruction. Basically, when you shelter your instruction in English, or any language for that matter, you are using particular techniques that make what you are saying and teaching more accessible to all learners. It is good teaching. Sheltered instruction usually includes at least the following strategies:

  • Explicit, direct teaching of vocabulary
  • Explicit modeling by the teacher (including “think alouds” in which teachers demonstrate exactly how they think through a problem or task)
  • High levels of student social interaction, with each other and with the teacher
  • Explicit instruction in learning strategies (metacognition) and opportunities to practice using those strategies
  • Linkages to students’ background and prior experience

The use of a variety of assessments, both formal and informal, to measure student learning in both content and language
Information shared by: Theresa Deussen, Ph.D., Elizabeth Autio, Angela Roccograndi, and Jason Greenberg-Motamedi, Ph.D., 2009.
Check out this website for great ELL strategies/blogs:

Just curious...have you used either of those websites for PD for teachers/staff, before? Thanks
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