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The Northwest AEA ELL (English Language Learner) Committee has been meeting and is in the process of developing a cohesive team to support the efforts of LEAs and the students receiving ELL education.

The ELL Team members are: Sara Youngers, Sherri Anderson, Deb Krager, Dallas Apol, Teresa Walker, Cesar Narvaez, Flora Lee, Kathleen Snyder, and Dana Oas.

The team attended the (ICLC) Iowa Culture and Language Conference this past fall. Currently through Educational Services Division, an Introduction to SIOP (three sessions) Workshop is being sponsored for educators at Northwest AEA.  SIOP is the acronym for Sheltered Instruction for Teachers of ELLs. SIOP instructors are Shelley Fairbairn, Ph.D., Drake University and Stephaney Jones-Vo, MA, Starfish Education.

Workshop goals are:
•    To heighten awareness of keep issues pertaining to cultural competence through experiential training
•    To familiarize participants with the eight components of SIOP Instruction that guide differentiated lesson planning delivery, and assessment.
•    To provide a springboard for implementation of workshop learning to be addressed in follow-up sessions.

What is Sheltered Instruction?
“Sheltered Instruction is an approach for teaching content to English learners (ELLs) in strategic ways that make(s) the subject matter concepts comprehensible while promoting the students’
English language development”. (Echevarria, Vogt & Short, 2008, p.5)

The 8 Components of SIOP are:
•    Language Preparation
•    Building background
•    Comprehensive Input
•    Strategies
•    Interaction
•    Practice/Application
•    Lesson Delivery
•    Review/Assessment

The ELL Team is excited about the opportunities to provide quality strategies to teachers of ELL students.

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