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Step one of the I-ELDA testing has now been completed!  All of the schools in the state of Iowa who have ELL students have ordered their materials and as of March 26th, they have all been shipped.  We appreciate all the work everyone did with the assessment. 

Step two is receiving back the bubble answer sheets to be scored. We have already processed 20 percent of almost 22,000 students who will be tested for 2011. We are currently sending electronic notifications of the District and Comprehensive Student results back to the districts. They will soon be followed by the hard copy of the Individual Student Report showing a four-year history of results for the student.

While all of this takes place, we are transitioning into the next project—planning for the Iowa Culture and Language Conference. It will be held in Coralville, Iowa, again at the Coralville Marriott.  Please save the date of November 7-9, 2011! The conference will be offering another plethora of excellent presenters. Here is a list of many of our renowned speakers, with more to come:
Margarita Calderon     
MaryAnn Christison     
Catherine Collier    
Margo Gottlieb    
Socorro Herrera
Jessica Greenwald-O-Brien     
Sunday Goshit    
Jane Hill   
Anne Lundquist      
Janette Klinger     
Nick Miraflores    
Kathy Olson    
Roger Rosenthal    
Betty Smallwood    
Mary Diaz    
Jessie Myles
Sandra Fernandez      
Mark Grey    
Denise Krefting   
Susan Maurice    
Kouider Mokhtari   
Sylvia Ramirez    
Sharon Saez    
Mary Smith    
Bonnie Sunstein    
Amy Weinmann     
John Wilken
We hope you will be able to join us this November at the 26th Annual Iowa Culture and Language Conference!

Tom Green and Staff
I-ELDA/ICLC Projects

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