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With the school year off and running we know you have all been very busy!  We hope you can take a moment to slow down and enjoy yourselves by attending the Iowa Culture and Language Conference this November 7-9, 2011.  This is a great opportunity to experience many educational sessions with excellent presenters.  We hope you will dare to knock on that door and step into a world of understanding and helping educate the culturally diverse children and their families.   The conference meets needs for both ESL and content teachers by covering multiple strands.

Our 26th ICLC will be held again at the Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Coralville, Iowa.  For those Hawkeye fans you know the place!  The facility is absolutely amazing with its rich colors and the “heart of Iowa” personality.  All of the art throughout the hotel are from Iowa artists and the library is full of the writings by Iowa authors.

The mission of the conference is to advocate for culturally and/or linguistically diverse students and their families, educators and service providers.  A committee comprised of people all across the state of Iowa, meet multiple times during the year to plan this event.  Our theme this year is “Coming Together to Move Forward”.  We hope you will all join us in doing that for our children!

Here is a list of most of the presenters:
Margarita Calderon    Maryann Christison       Catherine Collier        Mary Diaz
Sunday Goshit        Margo Gottlieb    Jessica Greenwald-O’Brien    Socorro Herrera
Jane Hill        Janette Klingner    Anne Lundquist        Tonnie Martinez
Nick Miraflores    Kouider Mokhtari    Kathy Olson            Sylvia Ramirez
Sharon Saez        Betty Smallwood    Lynn Shafer-Willner        Colleen Anderson   
Denise Krefting    Susan Maurice        Jessie Myles            Bonnie Sunstein
Lynn Tiemann       

We will also be holding an African Panel with Deng Tiir, Bader Eldeen, Abdella Mossa, Hatim Youssif, and Abid Ewahid Bashir M. Khair as well as an Immigration Forum with Mark Grey and Michele Devlin from UNI facilitated by John Wilken with the Bureau of Refugee Services.   

Many of your co-educators from pre-school to adult ed will also be chosen to present through our Call for Proposal process so look for more information to be posted as these pieces fill-in for the conference.  Check out the ICLC website at:

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