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Section 3302 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that districts notify students’ parents of:
•    the reason for placement in a program for English Language Learners -Sec. 3302(a)(1);
•    the student’s level of language proficiency, how it was assessed, and their level of academic achievement -Sec. 3302(q)(2);
•    the methods of instruction used in the child’s educational program, use of English and the native language in that program, and other program options available within the district -Sec 3302(a)(3);
•    how the program will meet the needs and build on the academic strengths of the child -Sec. 3303(a)(4);
•    how the program will go about teaching the child English and preparing him/her to meet academic standards for grade promotion and graduation -Sec. 3302(a)(5);
•    exit requirements for the program, expected transition rate of students from the program to programs not designed specifically for ELLs, and the expected rate of graduation for students participating in the program -Sec. 3302(a)(6);
•    for special education students, how the program will fulfill requirements of the student’s IEP -Sec. 3302(a)(7);
•    information regarding parental rights, including rights to remove the student from the program, to information about other program options, and to assistance in selecting from various programs and teaching methods if more than one is available -Sec. 3302(a)(8).

In addition, if the program that the child is enrolled in is determined fails to meet annual measurable achievement objectives, parents must be notified within 30 days -Sec. 3302(b).

All of this information is to be provided in a language that the parent understands, to the extent practicable -Sec. 3302(c).  To meet this requirement, the Iowa No Child Left Behind Parent Communication Center (formerly the Iowa Translation Library) is available as an on-line resource at to provide necessary documents in 23 languages.

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