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High Schools across the nation are offering a number of programs and initiatives to help create a culturally responsive school setting.

These successful programs include:
Elective courses designed to help students from diverse backgrounds get along, such as Combating Intolerance
Peer mediation to allow students from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to talk about potentially divisive issues
Student clubs that help large groups of students retain cultural identity (e.g., Muslim Student Society)
Openness to starting new clubs to reflect the interests of the student body
Parent liaisons who are paid to work with families who would not otherwise have a traditional involvement with the school
Home visits by parent liaisons
Telephone tree in multiple languages
Minority parent committee that organizes evenings for minority parents to come to school in smaller groups and learn about the college admissions process, SAT prep classes, scholarship and grant opportunities, and so forth
Letters sent home and phone contact with parents from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to ensure a good turnout at parent meetings
Open communication with students
Quarterly meetings between a randomly selected group of students from each grade level and their administrator to obtain feedback on how school is going for them and what specific things can be improved or changed
Effort awards honor breakfast for students who have had trouble but who have raised their grades; each teacher nominates two students from his or her class
Establishment of a Hispanic PTSA with business discussion and programs in Spanish
Initiation of a “challenge” program to invite promising students to enroll in honors and Advanced Placement classes.

What is your school doing to be culturally responsive?

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