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FROM: David Tilly, Deputy Director
RE: Assessment of English Language Learners

The following memorandum is intended to notify public and accredited nonpublic schools of the
process and procedures related to training and administration of the Tennessee English Language
Proficiency Assessment (TELPA) screener for English Language Learners (ELL). Original
communication on requiring the TELPA, as the only approved screening measure for English
Language Learner identification and program placement, was sent on June 14, 2013. This serves
as follow-up guidance related to the ordering of materials and training requirements for personnel
providing administration of the assessment. The pilot study of the TELPA concluded last spring;
and as such, Title III funds are not eligible to pay for the assessment moving forward. The
financial responsibility for the administration of the TELPA reverts back to the LEA and can be
supported with the same funds that were utilized to pay for the ELL screener prior to the TELPA

With the beginning of the 2013-14 academic year, Iowa Testing Programs (ITP) is assuming
responsibility for the administration of the TELPA and Iowa-English Language Development
Assessment (I-ELDA) in Iowa. For those who have administered TELPA in prior years and who
have an inventory of materials, you may continue to use them for assessing your students.
ITP is currently updating its Online Tools website (accessed at to
support the ordering of testing materials for these assessments (test booklets, answer documents,
administration manuals, CD's). It is anticipated that the site will be "live" on Monday, August 19.
For those who need TELPA materials prior to that, we ask that you send an e-mail to indicating the number of students to be assessed (by grade level), as well as
contact and shipping information.

ITP and the Iowa Department of Education have established October 31st as the date by which
TELPA assessments administered in the fall of 2013 are to be returned to ITP for
processing. After the original batch submission, Local Education Agencies will need to submit
completed assessments within 30 days of test administration as new students arrive throughout
the year. Student identification labels ("barcodes") will need to be applied to student answer
documents prior to returning them to Iowa Testing Programs for processing. TELPA barcodes
will be ordered using the same Online Tools website used for the Iowa Assessments. Instructions
on how and where to return the answer sheets for processing will be included in the shipment of
barcode labels.

Any questions or concerns you have may be directed to, or to David Henkhaus
at 319-384-2714.

All education personnel assigned to administer and/or score the TELPA screener must participate
in the online training module, even if you have administered the assessment during the pilot
period. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the quizzes integrated into the
online training module.

Directions for accessing the online training are as follows:
Go to

There is a welcome message that provides instructions for setting up an account or using a current
account to access the training.

If it is the first time on the site, create a free account. If not, enter a user name and password. If
the educational personnel selected to administer the TELPA have not used AEA PD Online since
January 2013, they will need to set up a new account. Once they have an account, scroll down to
COURSE CATEGORIES. Choose Assessment Then choose TELPA Training

Follow the instructions in the TELPA training site and be sure to print a certification of successful
completion as documentation purposes.

If you have further questions, please contact Colleen Anderson at
or Jobi Lawrence at

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