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Each student in your school takes a unique path to deep learning. The February 2016 issue of Educational Leadership published by ASCD was devoted to the topic of English Learners. Some of the articles are available online and the rest can be accessed through a paid subscription to ASCD. The accompanying study guide to the February issue can be found here.

The articles highlighted below are available to the general public through the ASCD website.

Engaging Your Beginners: Six do’s and don’ts help teachers engage students at all levels of speaking English – including the first levels

Ten (Usually Wrong) Ideas about ELLs: An ESOL teacher responds to 10 common misconceptions about English language learners

Double Take: Research Alert: Includes short articles including:

  • How Are Schools Helping Unaccompanied Migrant Students?
  • Where to Find Diverse Books
  • Putting ELLs on the Map
  • Relevant Read: Dreamers-An Immigrant Generation’s Fight for Their American Dream by Eileen Truax
  • The Road to Graduation (A two-part PBS film titled The Graduates/Los Graduados found here)

Research Says / Tap ELLs' Strengths to Spur Success: Examines the complexities of second-language acquisition, common misconceptions and ways to flip the paradigm.

Show & Tell: A Video Column / Setting Clear Learning Purposes for ELLs: Outlines lesson designs to include purposes and language purposes. The article comes to life with a video!

The Techy Teacher / More Diversity Demands New Approaches: Technology offers teachers more effective ways to meet the individual needs of ELLs – and all students.

Principal Connection / Teaming Teamwork: Decisions will be better if our school is one where teams work together to solve problems.

One to Grow On / If I Were an ELL: Guides us to think about the immense challenges our English Learners experience when starting over in a new place.

Tell Me About … / How an English Learner Made Substantial Progress: Stories from the field.

We know there are stories of how English Learners have made substantial progress right here in the Northwest AEA Schools. We invite you to add your stories in the comment section! Let’s learn from each other! 

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