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FEP Universal Tier Components

The current focus of the Universal Tier is to build the background and knowledge of a wider group of people within the AEA to assist with those supports and services available to all at the universal level. In the future, the training will be offered to LEA staff and then to community partners.

Universal Tier Definition

  • Consistent and reliable information

  • Available to all as needed

  • Meets the needs of most educators and family members

Universal Tier Supports -Who Receives and Who Provides?

Who Receives?

  • AEA and LEA staff - both special ed and general ed teachers

  • Families

  • Community partners

Who Provides?

  • AEA staff, as defined by the AEA

  • LEA staff - at a minimum:

    • Administrators

    • Special ed and general ed teachers

    • Counselors

    • Others as defined by LEA

Universal Tier - What FEP Provides

  • Opportunities for collaboration between FEP, AEA and LEA staff

  • Accurate and consistent information with statewide materials

  • Training and coaching

Universal Tier  -Tools, Supports & Strategies

  • Print materials

  • Electronic media

Repository of statewide materials

Examples of Universal Tier Supports

  • Family packets

  • 8th grade packets

  • Brochures

  • Websites

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