Posted on 04/30/2019 at 11:14 AM by Blog Experts

I have been doing  research regarding the topic - Partnering with Parents/Parent Engagement.  The following are two resources I have found to be full of great ideas are a quick read. 

OMG! Meeting Magic In Education by Carolyn S Marard, PHD and Bradley D. Manard, ED.D.  I had the opportunity to hear Carolyn speak at a Family and Education Partnership state meeting.  Her presentation was all about setting IEP meetings up for success.   

Partnering with Parents to ask the right questions - by Luz Santana, Kan Rothstein, and Agnes Bain

Next year I will have a presentation and blog post based on the research I have been doing.  There are three common themes I can share from my research so far:

1.  It takes Time, Time, and more Time 

2.  Relationships are critical and the foundation

3.  Direct Intentions - Partnerships with families don't just happen.



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