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Music Is Basic!
Educational Value of Music
        Music contributes to the development of:
                - Language Skills
                - Reading Skills
                - Mathematics Skills
                - Science Skills
                - Overall Academic Achievement
                - Imagination
                - Creativity
                - Problem Solving Skills
Music Fosters Personal Growth
        Music contributes to the development of:
                - Positive Self-Concept
                - Self Expression
                - Self Discipline
                - Aesthetic Taste
                - Psychomotor Skills
Music Benefits the Individual, the community and Mankind
                - Provides skills essential for living in today’s society
                - Provides enjoyable life-long recreational opportunities
                - Provides therapeutic value
                - Provides career opportunities
                - Fosters community involvement by participation as a performer or listener
                - Enhances the quality of life for both the community and individual
                - Promotes a historical appreciation of own and other cultural heritages
                - Communicates feelings facilitating international understanding
Music is the universal language of mankind; building bridges of understanding between individuals, groups and nations!!
Music is Basic….and is for everyone!!!!!

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