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Here are two articles of interest: "A Guide to Authentic Assessments" and "Assessing for Understanding." This site is kept current; more helpful articles may be added.

CEDFA the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts

Go to the section called Teach Fine Arts and look under Student Assessment for some general information and ideas on assessment. 

Creating Your Own Rubrics

NCES National Center for Education Statistics: Developing an Arts Assessment
Suggests six strategies and has four Arts Task examples: Grade 4 Theatre: Responding; Grade 8 Theatre: Performing; Grade 8 Music: Performing; Grade 12 Dance: Performing and Responding; Visual Arts Responding and Creating. A dynamite site!

Also at this site is a link to the NAEP Assessment Framework for the arts. NAEP represents some of the very best thinking about assessment that we've had to date.

State Department of Connecticut
"The Arts: A Guide to K-12 Program Development - 2002" along with standards, there are Illustrative Learning/Assessment Activities with Scoring Dimensions for the four Arts. Texas

Education Agency
List how to do Student Assessment in Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts

State of New Jersey Department of Education

University of Wisconsin - Stout
"Teacher Created Rubrics for Assessment" has one site dealing specifically with Music, but there is much here that can be adapted to the other arts. Interesting examples.

Washington Superintendent of Public Education

The state of Washington is preparing to test its students in the arts in 2008-09. In the process they are developing some very interesting assessment tools. Check out the Classroom Based Assessment Pilots and the Classroom-Based Performance Assessments. Here you will find materials for: Dance Grade 5, Music Grade 8, Theatre Grade 10 and Visual Arts Grade 8. The Visual Arts portion is the most complete with Scoring Guides, Rubrics, Scoring Notes, Responses and Annotations. Great stuff!

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction: State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (SCASS)

  • The Rubric link leads to a good discussion of building rubrics.
  • The Bibliography on Instruction/Assessment in the Arts is annotated and has entries as late as 2000.

Music Assessment Links

Music Assessment website
Written by Dr. Edward P. Asmus of
the University of Miami. Contains:

  • Forms - blank observation forms that can be used to create in-class music performance assessment devices
  • Glossary - definitions for the major terms used in music assessment
  • Links - to other assessment sites that have been found to be of value for those involved in music assessment
  • Rubrics - an entire site that provides information about, rules to create and example rubrics

Recommended books and articles on rubrics and assessment

Andrade, H.G. (1999). "When assessment is Lesson Plans and Lesson Plans is assessment: Using rubrics to promote thinking and understanding.." In L. Hetland & S. Veenema (Eds.), THE PROJECT ZERO CLASSROOM: VIEWS ON UNDERSTANDING. Cambridge, MA: Project Zero.

Bondy, Eric & Bill Kendall . "Ongoing Assessment," THE TEACHING FOR UNDERSTANDING GUIDE. (San Francisco: Josey-Bass, 1998) pp. 86-87.]


Marzano, Robert J. (2000). TRANSFORMING CLASSROOM GRADING. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Two publications: ASSESSING EXPRESSIVE LEARNING (2004) and DESIGNING ASSESSMENT IN ART (1994) from the national association.

Paris, Scott G. & Ayers, Linda R. (1994). BECOMING REFLECTIVE STUDENTS AND TEACHERS WITH PORTFOLIOS AND AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.



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