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Welcome to CMP

Music Educators!

Have you ever wished that your students were more independent music-makers and listeners?

Would you like your music teaching environment to be more active and student-centered?

Are you interested in learning teaching strategies that result in more in-depth learning?

Do you want to focus on process-oriented teaching?

Would you just like to feel more excited about teaching on a daily basis?

Then Iowa's Comprehensive Musicianship Project is for you!


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Music Educator Learning Opportunity

What: Comprehensive Musicianship Project (CMP) Overview/Intro to Program

This is a preliminary session to the anticipated summer workshop being planned for NW Iowa music educators, offered by Drake Music professionals. The summer workshop will depend on interest in this area of the state.

When:   9:30-1:30 March 16, 2012

Where: Spencer Community School District, Conference room C in the Administrative Building

Cost: $10.00 per participant – includes lunch.  Please complete the registration below and return to Laura Wakefield, Administrative Secretary, Spencer Administrative Bldg., 23 E 7th St., Spencer, IA 51301.

Description of the Overview:

CMP is a planning process that specifically addresses the development of units of instruction that result in higher levels of thinking and authentic intellectual student work. Teachers can apply the CMP process with any level of music or ensemble. The process emphasizes the interdependence of musical knowledge, skill, and affect. CMP helps music educators to focus on the broader teaching palette outlined in the standards, and assists them by using the five points of the CMP model (music selection, music analysis, outcomes, strategies, and assessment) in addressing all aspects of the standards in a manner that emphasizes depth and high level of student engagement. Ideas to support writing across the curriculum are also a part of CMP.

Note: This is an overview/introduction to the CMP training offered by Drake University, conducted by Tamara Thies, PhD Candidate in Music Education, University of Iowa.  We hope to bring the CMP training to Spencer this summer so music educators in NW Iowa have an opportunity for quality professional development that meets their content area needs.


Registration Information for the March 16th Overview


District: ________________________________________

 Interest in attending the summer workshop?

Music educators attending: ___________________________        Y                  N

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Cost is $10 per registrant payable to Spencer Community Schools.

Any logistical questions about the workshop can be sent to Barb Besch, School Improvement Director, Spencer Community Schools at






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