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Today, young artists don’t need to look for paper, pencils, or even paint. As long as their cell phone, iPad, or Chromebook is on their person, they can pursue their artistic endeavors wherever they are through apps. I will share (mostly) free apps that students can download.


iPhone and iPad Apps


ArtStudio Pro or Lite
Using advanced drawing algorithms, this app allows the artist to alter photographs. In the purchased version, there are 40 filters, 21 blending modes, hundreds of customizable brushes, text tools, and more.
The Lite version is free, the full version is $4.99
Brushes 3
This app will record with video every brush stroke you paint.
This app mimics painting on a canvas. The tools consist of an oil brush, paint tube, and a pencil. Finished art can be exported and/or sent via email.
Inspire Life or Pro
This app mimics real-life oil painting in that the pigments blend well. There are five different oil brushes.
The Lite version is free, and the full version is $4.99
Auryn Ink
This app mimics real-life watercolor painting. The paint blends and bleeds and the artist can choose different types of paper and apply a variety of pressure on the brushes.
ColorSchemer currently has over 1 million palettes! There is a built-in color wheel that can be used to match various hues. A palette can also be taken directly from an image.


Chromebook or Android

Fresco Paint Lite or Pro
Fresco Pro is a painting app for beginning and advanced artists. The pro version has four layers that remain intact when the picture is exported to Photoshop in the PSD format. There are also 21 filters and 12 effects. Finished art can be shared to social networking sites.
Fresco Paint Lite is free, and the full version is $2.99
Paint Joy
Paint Joy has more than 20 brushes, such as glow neon, blow, crayon, chalk, sketch, etc. You can draw on a canvas, or edit photographs. Your drawings and the drawing animation are saved, and the drawing can be played back.
Magic Doodle Free
This app allows beginners, advanced users, and professionals to sketch, draw, and paint. It contains realistic pencil and brush simulations, layers, color palettes, smudge effects, 6 eraser heads, color wheel, and multi-touch zoom. There is also a video replay. Finished paintings can be posted on the Web.
This app allows you to draw, paint, and doodle. Photographs can be decorated and text can be added. There are various brush sizes and effects.
Art Academy
This app contains over 68,000 paintings, 700 painters, and 400 museums. Students can learn more about their favorite paintings and artists, and share their findings on social networks. They can browse the painting collections of the best art museums in the world and locate them on a map.
Drawing Cartoons
Drawing Cartoons is an animation editor that allows students to create their own movies. They don’t need to draw every frame for smooth motions--instead they draw key frames only, and intermediate frames are built in automatically. There is also a sound recording function built in.



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