Posted on 03/22/2014 at 03:47 PM by Global Reach

It can be difficult to take students on tours to art museums—it’s costly, museums are too far away, and the weather may be too unpredictable! But with virtual tours available, all of those problems can be alleviated.

Virtual fieldtrips are motivation for students—especially those that are interactive. They provide background knowledge that students may need in order to understand and apply art concepts. Virtual fieldtrips also provide ample opportunities to read, write, discuss, and create.

As with regular fieldtrips, teachers will need to prepare for a virtual fieldtrip. All links need to be checked to make sure they are working. The fieldtrip should fit into the current curriculum, and help explain concepts being studied. Preparatory lessons should be taught prior to embarking on the trip. Any new vocabulary words should be taught. Specific, expected behavior should also be discussed. Permission slips may even be sent home to parents.

After the virtual field trip, students should share general observations and reactions. Students could create a bulletin board, poster, or classroom museum. Students could write a news story for the school newspaper. They should also have an opportunity to evaluate the field trip and explain what they learned.

In general, students prefer virtual fieldtrips, because they are not as rushed. They can go back and review and reread—or go on the same fieldtrip multiple times. They can also tour places that they may never get to see in real life.

Some options for virtual tours can be found below:

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