Posted on 03/17/2015 at 12:57 PM by Blog Experts

Spray painting! A new modern art form! There are guidelines for how to hold the can, different caps, and how to make thin lines and tiny dots. There are also ways to add soft shadows. A seven-page tutorial describes the supplies you will need, how to place and make the planets, how to shade the planets, how to make the stars and the background, and how to reveal your work. Brandon McConnell shared a video about how to make a spray painting in one minute. Metacafe has approximately 115 different videos about how to create a spray paint painting.

There are three different YouTube videos that I thoroughly enjoyed watching embedded below. Each has a few different techniques than the other two. If students haven’t tried this technique, perhaps this would be a good project for spring!

New York Street Artist

Amazing Artist on the Streets of Rome

Very Amazing Spray Painting

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