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I recently discovered the Art of Education (AOE) website. Jessica Balsley developed AOE to connect art teachers with relevant professional development. The website contains a magazine, opportunities to take online courses, an online conference, lesson plans, and videos.

The magazine contains relevant articles about innovative ideas for teaching art. Each day a new article is posted to the magazine. For example, the article from December 10, 2015 was about a lesson in underwater photography. After students had taken the photographs (underwater, in costumes or doing something like styling their hair underwater), Timothy Bogatz had his students make drawings from the photographs. There were ample opportunities for lessons on drawing bubbles, closeups, the effect of water on three-dimensional forms, foreshortening, perspective, and figure drawings.

Two- and three-credit classes are available with credit obtained from Morningside College. There are currently 19 online courses available on a wide variety of art topics—everything from standards and assessment to autism and art. There are even three online studio courses available in ceramics, printmaking, and drawing.

The online art conference is scheduled for January 30, 2016. Over 2,000 art teachers attended the conference this past July. You can attend the conference live, or watch it later. The sessions will be 10 – 15 minute TED Talk-style presentations that are real world and practical. There will be thousands of dollars worth of giveaways, freebies, handouts, and product samples. You will receive a certificate for six hours of professional development hours. Cost for the conference is $125. The first 1,500 registrants receive a free Swag Box.

Lesson plans are divided into grade spans: K-2, 3-5, middle school, and high school. All of the lessons are pre-approved with creative-based outcomes. All have been tested by a certified art teacher. The lessons are aligned to the common core, and all are one page and printable in PDF format. Two examples of high school lessons were ideas for shadow art and altered book sculptures. Mini-monumental sculptures and radial printmaking were two ideas from middle school. Two examples for grades 3-5 were seasonal tree sculptures and winter castles. Fall line leaves and a Chinese teacup were two ideas for grades K-2.

There are currently 86 videos presented by Jessica and other AOE Team Members. The videos contain “tips, tricks, and practical ideas you can put to use in your art room, tomorrow!” Videos contain information about everything from making clay slabs to ideas for parent nights to having students write in art history.

If this isn’t a website you have visited before, I highly encourage you to do so! For me, it was an amazing find! Whether you need 100 ideas for sketchbook prompts, a lesson plan on Andy Warhol pop cans, or ideas for a sub, this website has it.


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