Posted on 08/29/2016 at 01:44 PM by Blog Experts

This summer I stumbled happily across the art of Anabel Bouza, a Cuban-born artist. She often uses paper, which she cuts and shapes, but she is also a photographer and a graphic designer. She even designs embroidery patterns.

The work of Bouza can be found on her home page (, Google+ (, Etsy (, on the Kanelstrand blog (, Facebook (,  and LinkedIn ( I found her work fascinating, and thought about how students might be inspired to emulate some of her work, using the process as a model, but finding their own subject matter.

Using the visual literacy standards from the Core ( and/or, students can analyze the work of Bouza. They can then compare Bouza’s work to that of other Cuban-born artists, noting any similarities and differences. Students can read the writings of Carmen Agra Deedy, and visualize her picture books had Bouza illustrated them. Students may wish to meet Bouza virtually and ask further questions about the inspirations for her work.

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