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Are your students looking for opportunities to showcase their artwork? Harvest is a wonderful opportunity for your students in PK – 12 to have their artwork published. In its 39th year, this publication is sent to each child who has work accepted. Additional copies may be ordered for $10 for parents, teachers, and school libraries. To see Harvest online from 2011 – 2016, you can go to  

In the past, students have submitted drawings, paintings, photographs, and collage. Artwork has been done in all different styles, from pointillism to surrealism to expressionism. Students have submitted photographs of their pottery, sculptures, and other three-dimensional work.

In addition to having work accepted for publication, one student will have his or her artwork showcased on the cover, and an additional student will have his/her work showcased on the inside cover. For the cover, an elementary, middle, and high school student are alternated. This year, an elementary school student will have his/her work accepted for the cover. Art from any grade level is chosen for the inside cover each year.

Students may submit two-dimensional work in color or in black and white. For three-dimensional work, photographs may be submitted. Artwork on lined paper and very light drawings will not be considered, no matter how well it has been executed. Deadline for submission is December 19, 2016. For further information, please contact Judy Sweetman at or 712.222.6088.

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