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The Art Assignment is a place to explore art history through the present. It does this through a series of videos produced in partnership with PBS Digital Studios, introducing the viewers to innovative artists who look at alternative approaches to making art. There are accompanying assignments for each of the videos. “Celebrating risk-taking in the creative process, The Art Assignment exposes you to alternative approaches to art-making and the most innovative minds in art today” (PBS Digital Studios, 2015).

There are almost 60 assignment videos in The Art Assignment. One I chose to view is titled, Paper Weavings by Michelle Grabner. As Sarah and John Green (yes, famous young adult author) narrate the video, I was amazed how they went back into the history of education and explored how paper weaving fit into Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel’s beliefs of what should be a part of all kindergarten education. Froebel came up with twenty “gifts” that all children should have—the fourteenth one being paper weaving. Michelle Grabner demonstrates how to create patterns in the weaving through math and color. She challenged us to create our own weaving. She plans to begin using other materials to weave—something that students would most likely be interested in exploring, as well.

Another one of the videos that I watched is titled, Fierce women of art. Sarah Urist Green shares the inequality women artists still face in being accepted into shows. She shared how the Guerrilla Girls—women artists who wear gorilla masks while posting statistics around town—educate the public about the lack of women artists in shows. The remainder of the video was about individual modern women artists who took risks and question art world practices—interesting women with creative work that many students would gravitate towards.

What’s unique about this site is that it is also a social network for artists. You can share any of your completed assignments at any time. There are no due dates. All you need to do is upload your completed work to your social media platform of choice with the hashtag #theartassignment.


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