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The Huntington website has several different components for art teachers and students. One of these is the project titled, ArtWonders. This project has a site for students and a site for teachers for grades K-6. On the student site, students can look at clues in a portrait to help them better understand the portrait. They can click on clues in a landscape to help them understand what a landscape is and also about this particular landscape painted by John Constable. A third lesson is about furniture and where ideas come from to design furniture. Students can see how nature can be used to help them design furniture.

The teacher site of ArtWonders contains background information for the portraits, landscape, and futniture. It contains PDFs of lessons for each of these pieces of art. There is a Teacher to Teacher section where teachers can share their lessons.

The Huntington site also shows some of the work in its collections of European and American art. There are 650 paintings and 440 works of sculpture, several of which are shown on this site.

It’s also possible to view some of the items in the Huntington Library, a permanent exhibition featuring some 150 rare objects titled, “Remarkable Works, Remarkable Times”. Some of these are a James Audubon’s Birds of America, which is a large format book known as a double elephant folio; a page from the Ellesmere Manuscript of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer, which is an illuminated manuscript on vellum; the Gutenberg Bible; and an autographed manuscript of White Fang by Jack London. Students could explore how these are not just works of literature, but also works of art.

Finally, in its digital library, the Huntington has scanned a selection of its more than 500,000 photographs, prints, and negatives for students to study. These can be viewed by topic, such as the Verner Collection of Panoramic Negatives or the Native American Photographs Project, or students can do an advanced search, looking for specific visuals.

This site has a wealth of information for art teachers and students that can be used with the new visual arts standards processes of creating, presenting, responding, and connecting.

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