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Last year, the State Fine Arts Leadership Team formed several task teams to work through the new Fine Arts Standards. The members of the team were comprised of AEA consultants, Statewide fine arts association leaders, teachers, higher education professors, and the Iowa Department of Education.

The result of this work is five, self-paced online modules to enhance fine arts teachers’ understanding of the new standards. The titles of the modules are:

  1. Introducing Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
  2. Understanding Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
  3. Applying and Connecting Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
  4. Assessing Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards
  5. Iowa’s Fine Arts Standards: Resources for Implementation

The modules can be studied individually or bundled for a license renewal credit. The modules are free for Iowa educators if no credit is desired. To go through the modules or to register for credit, go to: Once logged in, click on “Catalog” in the top left hand corner. Then scroll down the page, and on the left, click on “Fine Arts”. Choose the module you wish to peruse.

If you have questions about the modules or the standards, contact Angela Matsuoka. Her email is

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