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Iowa Workforce Development provides an excellent resource for counselors and teachers who work with students in career exploration and preparation classes in middle school and high school.  There is a great deal of information available that might help guide youth to employment and training opportunities as they complete their I Have A Plan Iowa online portfolios. Below is just a sample of some of the information you can easily access with your students:

Iowa's Career and Education Outlook
High Demand Occupations by Education Level - The 2008-2018 Iowa's Career and Education Outlook provides an overview of the state top high demand occupations by education level.

Young Worker Profile 2009
The Young Worker Profile of ages 14 to 24 make up 17.0 percent of Iowa's covered workforce in 2007. Where do they work and how much do they make? A large wave of workers born during the Baby Boom of 1946 to 1964 will be leaving the workforce over the next few decades. How many workers do we have in the workforce to replace them? What does our young workforce look like now? What industries will have worker or skill shortages?

What the workforce of the future looks like will depend on many factors. Decision makers are looking at the economic and policy implications for a wide range of programs and institutions, including Social Security and Medicare; financial markets; the housing market; and recreation, transportation and healthcare systems. Planners in Iowa will be able to keep an eye on the impact of such factors and emerging trends by using these Local Employment Dynamics statistics.

Hot Jobs
Iowa's Hot Jobs - high demand and high wage occupations with even more Iowa Labor Market career information.

Iowa Wage Survey
The Iowa Wage Survey although somewhat dated, provides a glimpse of wages paid for occupations in Iowa.

Occupational Projections 2006-2016
Occupational Projections listed by major occupational groups with wages and top skills.

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