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Stephanie Fisher, Ed.D., director of Common Core School Achievement Services of Pearson Education, has shared some challenging thoughts about the role of teachers in preparing our students to be college and career ready. Fisher begins a recent brief by saying, “College and Career Readiness Standards (CCR) are not just more demanding, they are designed to address the expectations gap between high school graduation and post-secondary college and career. In order to meet these demands, CCR competencies, including the Common Core State Standards, require fundamental shifts in instruction. These instructional shifts challenge long-held beliefs in teaching, learning, and assessment.”(2013) 

One of the shifts Fisher has identified in her research is focused on instructors participating in collaborative practice around instructional planning that clearly identifies targeted results and establishing what kind of evidence will be used to determine students have mastery. Part of this planning must include building a coherence that “attends to learning progressions within and between grades, giving students the opportunity to build upon and make connections to what they are learning.” (Fisher, 2013)

The final shift Fisher identifies is the level of rigor we are expecting our students to perform, with students being able to apply their fluency of content knowledge and understanding to real-world situations.

“Instructional Shifts: Preparing Students to be College and Career Ready”, S. Fisher, (2013),

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