Posted on 11/11/2013 at 11:08 AM by Global Reach

In some of the reading I have been doing, I came across a study of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland. They spent time studying their graduates to determine what the characteristics or targets they should set in their K-12 system to ensure their students were College, Career and Civic Life Ready, otherwise known as the 3 C’s. 

“MCPS found that successful students were critical and creative thinkers who had developed academic success skills, and the district set out to identify guidelines for a program that would change the rules for elementary education” (Graziano,2013). 

One of the things they identified was the need to begin in the elementary grades to develop the habits of mind that enable students to be persistent and motivated learners. Learners who are willing to take risks, who understand that getting a wrong answer if okay as part of the process of developing a deeper understanding and making meaning of the content they are working with. A critical skill for all of our students to develop is the metacognitive aspect, where they are given time and challenged to think about their thinking, tying to being both creative and critical thinkers.

“Preparing Students for College, Career, and Civic Life”, R. Graziano, 2013,

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