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“A college and career ready student possesses the content knowledge, strategies, skills, and techniques necessary to be successful in a postsecondary setting.” (D. Conley, 2013)  Conley’s definition includes recognizing there are a wide range of postsecondary options, focuses on success more than lack of remediation, and that a student’s interest, goals and desires is of critical importance in determining their readiness. 

I have known a number of graduating seniors whose ACT score indicated they were not “college ready” however, upon entering college did very well.  College ready does not necessarily mean ACT score with a XX% probability of earning of GPA of X in freshman year.  There are other measures of readiness used as well, but not all students can be measured by these “norms." Maybe we should look at a different way of defining college and career ready.  One that looks at students to determine if they are:
•    Work Ready:  meets the basic expectations regarding workplace behavior and demeanor.
•    Job Ready:  possesses specific knowledge necessary to begin an entry-level position.
•    College Ready:  Is prepared to succeed in general education courses.
•    Career Ready:  Possesses knowledge and learning skills necessary to succeed in a certificate program.
Do these indicate if a student in then “Life Ready”?

D. Conley, Ph.D., presentation at NCSL, June 8, 2012

I would partially agree with that statement, however, people should really understand what are their life choices and think what are they more ready for, which is either college or first job. If you are choosing for example college , as the score showed you are ready for it , and later on you understand that it was not the right choice, you try less in order to success, as you are not willing to do what you are doing. That is why I firstly figured out what I want from life and listened to advice of some people and than decided what I want to do with it.Here is a good post by customwritingcompany on how to do your choice correctly.
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