Posted on 04/24/2014 at 09:01 AM by Global Reach

Some of our most critical partners in helping to ensure our students are college and career ready are our parents and community members.  They can provide some of the most encouraging support by help our young people to know what is possible if they work hard and persist in following their dreams.  Schools have done a good job of bringing in past graduates to speak to the student body about their journey to achieving their dreams or overcoming some barriers while being successful in life.  Helping students learn to set and achieve goals is critical to teaching them to know the steps to take when the journey becomes difficult.  The adults in a young person’s life can help them to develop the skills to manage their time and schedules, to develop good study skills, to problem-solve when conflicts or unforeseen issues arise and to take pride in the work they are doing.

Helping students early in their elementary education to explore careers and see all of the possibilities that are available to them is of significant importance.  Many times students will begin limiting their career paths and educational choices for their lives based on their limited understanding and life experiences in their homes.  Exposing students to as many colleges and careers as possible is best practice in showing them all of the avenues to achieving their dream and pursuing their passion.  Let’s make sure we provide our students an educational experience that opens doors of possibilities.


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