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Metrics That Matter:  A Report from Future Ready

2017 Talent Scorecard (Part 2)

The other metrics Iowa is tracking in an effort to meet their goals in the Future Ready Iowa Initiative are:

Metric #2:  Iowa’s Educational Attainment – increasing the number of Iowan’s with education past high school through either apprenticeships, on-the-job training, credentialing, degrees, or diplomas, all the way up to professional degrees.

Metric #3:  Educational Attainment by Race, Ethnicity, and Gender – While our gender differs only slightly in educational attainment, there is greater disparity in educational attainment when broken down by race/ethnicity.

Metric #4:  Educational Attainment by County – The educational attainment reported in the region served by Northwest AEA ranges from 27.4% to 43.3%, while in counties such as Johnson, Story, and Dallas their educational attainment is 62.9%, 61.4%, and 59.6% respectively.

Metric #5:  Educational Attainment by Top 10 States – Iowa ranks 19th in the nation with 42.4% of the working-age population (25-64) having an associate degree or higher.  That is slightly above the national average of 40.9%.  Iowa has a higher than average percentage of people with associate degrees as their highest educational attainment (13.3%) and a lower than average percent with a graduate or professional degree as their highest educational attainment (8.8%).

We can see the focus of these metrics is on educational attainment from several different perspectives.  Each provides a slightly different picture of where the growth needs to be and what level of preparation our students need to commit to.  Most importantly is that we begin sharing with students and their parents that four-year degrees are not required nor are they beneficial or a guarantee to a high-paying, high-demand job. 

What is the message they have been hearing?  The report continues with a total of 19 metrics if you want to read more you can download it. 

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