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That question is more relevant today than ever before.  We have heard statements such as the one Mitra (2018) shared during his presentation at the Tech 2017 Headline Session, “The employers we are preparing children for have been dead for over 200 years” (Retrieved from  Keeping current about the global work environment, the impact of technology innovations on occupations that may no longer be available, and those career pathways that are shifting in what the level of education, training, and experience are needed to get started.

It is critically important that our students complete their career exploration processes paying special attention to some of the major shifts in what work looks like, which skills are required if they hope to be successful, and where these careers are located.  This career information needs to be shared with parents as well.  It is easy to think that life after secondary and postsecondary education and training would look like it did when adults 30 years old or older.  The reality is, however, that it is drastically different than that.  One of the most impactful videos I share with educators to try to challenge these mindsets is The Future of Work posted by What School Could Be, 2018.  I hope you take a couple of minutes to view this and then consider what you might be able to do to share this message with your students, parents, and educators in your buildings.

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