Posted on 02/04/2019 at 10:43 AM by Blog Experts

Governor Reynolds took over where Governor Branstad left off with the Future Ready Iowa work to reach the goal that, by 2025, 70 percent of all Iowans in the workforce would have some kind of education and/or training past high school in an effort to create a workforce that is needed for our businesses and industries across the state.  “A Future Ready Iowa that prepares individuals for dynamic careers and lifelong learning, meets employer needs, grows family incomes and strengthens communities.  Future Ready Iowa helps more Iowans attain the ‘new minimum’ of high-quality education and training beyond high school by aligning education, workforce, and economic development resources” (Office of the Governor, 2014).

Planning ahead to 2025, it is anticipated that Iowa will add 612,000 jobs to its economy, including replacement jobs that form the mainstay of the economy (Georgetown University Center, 2015).  Iowa Workforce anticipates that up to 68% of all those working in Iowa will need to have some type of postsecondary training or education.  The work being done in support of the goal is focused on bringing stakeholders from a number of different contexts together to explore, listen, look for solutions and opportunities in how business, industry, education, community services, chambers, economic development, and local and state government agencies can collaborate to help to reach the goal.  It is time to begin to think about how your district might want to get involved in reaching this goal!   

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