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The following information was shared during the Future Ready Summits in the fall of 2018 (Townsend, B., 2018, Iowa Workforce Development).  While there were a few schools present at the summits, not all were able to participate, and I felt there was some information that was important to share.  The first focuses on the middle-skill job gap.




Employer Perception of Applicants

Percent of Employers who Perceive they have difficulty filling positions due to:

            Applicants lacking the QUALIFICATIONS needed:  54%

            GENERAL lack of Applicants:  almost 45%

Percent of Employers who Perceive Applicants do not possess:

            Occupational Specific Skills Required:  32%

            Interpersonal Skills Required:  24.4%

            Basic Skills Required:  13.5%

A total of 127,700 residents need to earn a postsecondary degree or credential.

Education Level

58.4% of total Iowans have completed education and/or training beyond high school.

            4.6%    Trade Certification                  2.5%    Vocational Training

            16.3%  Associate Degree                    23.1%  Undergraduate Degree

            11.9%  Post-Graduate Degree

Just something to think about…What is our role in preparing Iowans for the future?

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