Posted on 02/23/2018 at 03:06 PM by Blog Experts

Author and blogger, Peter Dewitt, has brought back his popular Education Week blog titled Finding Common Ground! It is one you'll want to check often! Jim Knight recently highlighted five of Peter's best blog posts in the area of instructional coaching here

Did you know Peter Dewitt will be in Iowa on April 19 for a day-long session at the Iowa ASCD Curriculum Leadership Academy? You can find out more on the Iowa ASCD website. The Academy runs for two days. April 19 will feature Peter Dewitt and April 20 will begin with a Keynote from Andrea Stewart and then highlight Iowa stories of collective leadership. 

Peter will also be speaking at Jim Knight's Teaching Learning Coaching Conference next fall in Las Vegas! 

Peter Dewitt's most recent books are: 

You can visit Peter's website here which includes links to the Finding Common Ground blog on Ed Week. 

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