Posted on 12/22/2009 at 01:10 PM by Global Reach

In an article I read recently titles, The Learning Return on Our Educational Technology Investment; A Review of Findings from Research 2002 published by WestEd Regional Technology and Education Consortium in the Southwest reported,
“In a report that examined the results of over 300 student of technology used, authors concluded that teacher training was the most significant factor influencing the effective use of educational technology to improve student achievement. Specifically the report states that students of teachers with more than ten hours of training significantly outperformed students of teachers with five or fewer training hours” (Ringstaff & Kelley, 2002). Research suggests that teachers need to be heavily invested in professional development related to the area of implementation in order for the instructional technique to be effectively used to enhance student achievement. The article published by WestEd suggests through their findings that organizations should spend thirty percent of their budget on equipment and seventy percent on support for the technical side and for the classroom integration side (Ringstaff & Kelley, 2002). Teachers can have many uses of technology in their classroom, but if they are not sure how to use it, or are not using it to engage their student in the learning they are going to have a hard time finding it to be helpful and useful. Teachers who understand what the research says about students using technology and understand how to effectively use technology with students, and who are actively pursuing professional development will hopefully see student engagement and motivation increase in their classroom.

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