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In my posting, last month, I shared some information about Richard Byrne, the keynote speaker at the T.I.C.L. conference this summer. Richard just recently won another Edublogs Award, 2012 Best Ed Tech or Resource blog for his Free Technology for Teachers blog. Richard recently began writing another blog, iPad Apps for School. As many schools purchase iPads, this blog might prove a valuable resource when considering apps to support instruction in your schools. Again I'd encourage you to attend the T.I.C.L. conference at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake on June 17-19.

You can find more information about the Edublogs winners on the Edublogs Awards site. Some highlights from the list of blogs/awards follow: 

Edutech for Teachers - Cool Tools for the 21st Century Classroom was awarded the 2012 New Blog of the Year. The creator of this blog is Jamie Forshey, an instructional technology coach and teacher.

EdWeb was named the Best Free and Open Professional Development for Educators for 2012. EdWeb allows you to select and join a professional learning community that targets your personal learning needs and interests. It is individualized learning at its best.  I couldn't list all of the groups that you could choose to join (technology alone has 50 groups). Some groups that fall under the technology umbrella include: Tech Tools for the Classroom, Tech Savvy Educators, IPads in the Classroom, and Education Support Technology. I belong to several EdWeb Communities and have attended a number of webinars as well. If you are a member of a community, you'll have access to archived webinars as well. EdWeb is a great tool for professional development!

Twitter was selected as the best free web tool from a list that included Glogster, DropBox, Edmodo and Pinterest.


Here's the slide show that shares information about all the winners and nominees:



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