Posted on 01/18/2013 at 11:08 AM by Global Reach

One of the things teachers appreciate is technology shortcuts or tips that make using technology easier. Jacqui Murray, a practicing tech teacher, writes a blog called Ask a Tech Teacher. Each week she shares a tech tip. In this particular blog, she shares her top ten tech tips of 2012. I hope you'll find a tip or two that your teachers will appreciate as well.

In addition to tech tips, Jacqui also shares her top ten web sites of 2012 as well. These websites include websites for kids, ideas and ways to integrate technology in your classroom and lesson plans. 

Finally one more tech tip from me via Richard Byrne (keynote speaker at the next T.I.C.L. Conference). Clean Print,  a free browser add-on  for Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, and Safari (including Safari on the iPad). allows you to remove images and advertisements from pages before printing an article. I'd encourage you to spend some time at Richard's site, Free Technology for Teachers. Richard has also recently started a new blog, iPads Apps for School.

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