Posted on 04/19/2013 at 02:33 PM by Global Reach

It’s not news that today nearly every one of us has a digital identity or digital footprint that is created by the information that exists about us online. Digital footprints are created from our profiles on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks we belong to. Digital footprints happen when we upload pictures or videos, and when someone writes something about us in articles, webpages,  discussion boards or blogs. Common Sense Media has created a short video that helps explain what a digital footprint is to students.



Not only do students need to understand what a digital footprint is but they also need to understand why it is important and how it can impact their lives. Lisa Nielsen, author of the Innovative Educator blog has created a Digital Footprint quiz that may help students see the scope their digital footprint may have on their future. You can access the digital footprint quiz here.

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