Posted on 08/19/2013 at 12:04 PM by Global Reach

Welcome Back to Another School Year!

As instructional technology coordinators, instructional technology integrationists, or technology teachers, we need to be concerned about helping students use the Internet safely and responsibly. I'm sure all of us have been exposed to phishing scams where less than trustworthy people have tried to elicit personal information from us. We are not easily fooled, but how can we help our students evaluate the validity of emails they might receive?

Richard Byrne, one of the keynotes at this past summer's T.I.C.L. Conference shares an example and a video that might help us address this topic with our students.


What about you? Do you have other ideas or tools that you use with students to help them learn how to be safe online? One resource that might be of interest to you is one Northwest AEA provides, Cybersmarts and Teen Cybersmarts. Both can be accessed by clicking on the online resources link found on the right side of Northwest AEA's homepage. You can access both resources using your Iowa AEA Online username and password. If you have questions about using these resources, feel free to email me,


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