Posted on 09/16/2013 at 02:07 PM by Global Reach

The Miami Herald recently shared an article that first appeared in the Des Moines Register. The article shared that more and more Iowa school districts are going 1:1. The reason for such a move is to increase student achievement and engage students in the classroom. Technology has the potential to do these things, but it takes careful planning and changes in the way instruction is delivered to make the greatest impact. When done correctly Leslie Wilson, who co-authored the Project Revolutionizing Education or Project RED, is quoted, "But what we have learned from the research is that when it's done right, kids are highly more engaged, they are better problem-solvers, and they do a better job of monitoring their own self-improvement and growth."

What is some of the positive impact technology has? Connor White, a student at Johnston High School, feels the iPad helps keep him on task. He uses the iPad to take notes and to collaborate with classmates after school. Technology can also help teachers individualize instruction. Computers make it easier to get feedback from students and consequently adjust and individualize instruction when needed. Technology can also help students be problem solvers. It's no longer necessary to simply memorize and recall information. Instead, students are now being asked to evaluate information and use information and knowledge to solve problems and ask questions. It is also easier for learning to take place outside the classroom. Information is accessible anywhere and teachers can provide appropriate content to students via a laptop or tablet.

What about you? Has your school moved to 1:1? If yes, what did you learn through the process? If not, what are you thinking at this point?


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