Posted on 12/20/2013 at 02:33 PM by Global Reach

PBS Learning Media has some great resources available for students but also for teachers. In a posting in a weekly newsletter I receive from IPTV, I learned of a webinar that had been recorded by Leslie Fisher. Many of you might recognize Leslie Fisher's name since she has been a featured speaker at ITEC a number of times. In this webinar, Leslie shares how tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices can be used in the classroom. In addition, PBS has other resources that might be of interest to instructional technology teachers. There are ideas about using social media in the classroom, flipped classrooms and finally ideas to help you and teachers you work with use PBS Learning Media.  I would have liked to embed Leslie's video in this blog, but I wasn't given that option. It was possible to download the video however. Again, another valuable way to learn from experts in the field without leaving the classroom. 

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