Posted on 10/20/2014 at 10:06 AM by Pam Buysman

Technology certainly does change doesn't it? I remember how excited I and many of my colleagues were when we purchased a Student Response System or "clickers" for teachers to try. What a great way to formatively assess student understanding and more easily adjust lessons for student understanding. Well it didn't take long for the Internet to provide similar results for free using mobile devices or computers.  At a T.I.C.L. conference I remember Jeff Sypersma introducing Poll Everywhere. Doug Johnson, at the same conference, used Soapbox to increase audience participation in one of his presentations. There are many others too. Perhaps you've used some of these applications in your classroom or shared these tools with teachers in your school or district. 

Recently, I learned of yet another student response system.The big difference with this application, Plickers, is that it doesn't require students or audience members to use technology to respond to questions or surveys.  With Plickers, each student entered into your classroom is assigned a card with a unique QR code. Each card or code will allow students to make selections based on four choices, A, B, C, and D. Simply turn the orientation of the card or the top of the card to make your choice. Cards look different so other students will have no idea how each student is answering the question. After students hold up their unique card, the teacher can use a mobile device to scan those cards and see a bar graph of responses. The most recent version of Plickers will also let you display questions and answer choices  and share real-time results while scanning your student's responses. The following video will do a much better job than I to explain Plickers. So even if your school or building is not 1:1, you can still immediately gage student learning. 


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