Posted on 03/20/2015 at 08:52 AM by Pam Buysman

As instructional technology teachers or tech integrationists, often teachers want or need us to show them how to do use available technology. We're happy to do that if our schedules will allow. As instructional technology educators we also need to be able to meet individual needs or preferences. Not every technology tool is appropriate for every teacher and student. Because of abilities, age, and subject matter content we need to be able to differentiate our technology. At times, this is a daunting task. Are there resources available that will help us do that? 

There of course is Atomic Learning, one of the Iowa AEA Online resources, that can help teachers learn how to use a particular technology tool or even how to integrate that technology. There are also a number of technology gurus who have shared many resources. Richard Byrne recently consolidated many of his ed tech tips. This particular YouTube channels has 81 short video clips that Richard describes as "Directions, tips, and tricks for using popular ed tech apps and sites." I'd encourage you to look at this site and share some of these tips with teachers and also use the tips to help you stay current on technology trends. 

One of more popular technology applications shared at our last T.I.C.L.Conference was Thing Link. Here's a sample Richard Byrne video that explains how to use this tool. 

How about you? Do you follow or rely on any particular technology experts? Please share in the comments if you do. 

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