Posted on 10/30/2018 at 09:44 AM by Blog Experts

Keeping student data safe is something that comes to mind when we think of student IEPs, report cards, address, phone numbers, etc, but not always when it comes to students using technology in the classroom. One thing many teachers don't think about is the digital privacy and security of student data when using devices and apps. We hear in the news about the large companies such as Google, Apple and Facebook, trying to keep our data safe, but we don't hear about companies behind the apps we might use on our iPad or Chromebooks keeping our data safe. Is your data safe when you log in to a new app?

While I was reading more about this issue, I came across an article that led me to a great website with a good variety of resources specifically for educators. There is a guide for technology using educators to understand how to protect their students in the best way possible. There are also resources for using apps in the classroom, communicating with parents, state and federal laws and K-12 training around the area of privacy and security of student data.

Here is the link to the Ferpa | Sherpa website:
Here is the link directly to the  Educator’s Guide to Student Privacy

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